Malphina D. Duvall, 2nd

Young Mage, and philanthropist


Malphina takes greatly after her mother Malphina Dunkelzahn Duvall, just like her mother, she tends to keep new people at a distance and seems to have a natural feel about her. She prefers to dress more plainly than most choosing to dress more like a thief than a reputable mage with her travelers boots and pants, and a uniform jacket of her family’s house and a shoulder tabbed with her family crest on it. On her side large Falchion, with a bandoleer holding spell components crossing her chest.

Height: 4ft 10in
Eyes: Emerald
Hair: White (Wearing it in a pony tail down to her waist.)
Skin: Lightly tanned


Waterdeep resident, local Mage and philanthropist. For the first 15 years of her life she was raised by her grand parents in Never Winter, now at age 20 she has taken over as the head of the school founded in her mothers name. She is sometimes called the ‘basterd mage’ on the streets. As it was rumoured that her mother never took a husband preferring the company of female to males, a trait that has also been passed to her daughter.

Her usual demeanor is that akin to an elf, a very somber and collected facial expressions. However those that have spoken to her in length know that she is not as reserved as she seems. One very odd trait that may have noticed is that she seems to go out of her way to avoid flames.

Malphina D. Duvall, 2nd

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