Malphina D. Duvall

Malphina Dunkelzahn Duvall decised mage and adventuring companion of Chuckworth Stempelton.


Malphina Dunkelzahn Duvall preferred to dress in a manor and act in a manor unlike the traditional mage. She came across as very conserved however that was but a mask as she was very vibrant and open with people she was more accustom to being with.

Hight: 4ft 11in
Eyes: Emerald
Hair: White (Usually keep loose just below her shoulders.)
Skin: Lightly tanned


“If at first you don’t succeed, through more fireballs.” -Malphina Dunkelzahn Duvall

Malphina was a young and aspiring mage that left home to make a name for her self outside of the her fathers realm of influence. Choosing instead to make her own way in the world. She arrived in Waterdeep 6 years before the Lich invasion, and took up the trade of a thief for a time till it was evident that it was not her calling and falling back on her natural talent for magic. Excelling in all the schools but excelling in ways that were unheard of in the schools of Divination and Conjuration.

After a while she began to be know as Malphina ‘Magic Missle’ Duvall for her use of the Magic Missile spell beyond its original power. As some said, she was the mage that never ran out of Magic Missiles. The characteristics of the spell changed for her as well, the missiles took on a shimmer with a green color and she was able to cast more than the usually number of missiles her cast. Sending 7 missiles at a time at her enemy’s.

Malphina D. Duvall

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