Alisaga Silverkins

Heralding the desert city of Calimport, Daugther of Nymira and Al Madi Silverkin captin in the Knights Guard


Alisaga always seems to have a smile on her face and up bet attitude. Her light olive skin making her as someone from the south, perhaps Calimport. Though many have taken to questioning that with her red hair. Though her ditsy persona makes many thing that she is some what dimwitted, or nyeve.

However when pushed into battle that child like person is gone and replaced by someone that is relentless and quick to action. She tends to use a long spear as her primary weapon, with a long sword for a back up weapon.


How are you doing? (Tilts her head and winks with a grin.)

Alisage is the daughter of Nymira and Al Madi Silverkin a captain in the Knights Guard of Calimport. Being the first born and an only child she was taught by her father self defence and the art of welding a spear. It was soon obvious that she was a prodigy, as she grew so did her skill till finally she decided she would join the Knight Guard.

Instilled with the belief that she was any mans equal she decided to join the guard, unbeknownst to her father. She was meet with great resistance at first but eventually was allowed to show her skills and try out, however this was a cruel ruse put together my the guard to knock down a female like her self. This however did not go as planned, it was decided that she was spar with a seasoned guard to “gauge” her skill level.

As the mach started her father arrived not knowing what was going on and was informed that a female was trying out for the guard, at first he didn’t seem to care until he found that it was his own daughter. The fight was already in action and there as no way to stop it until it as finished. But soon it was over, and the Capitol was the looser.

All eyes were on the fiery hairs female that had just bested a seasoned captain. The practice yard was silent the female holding her spear to the neck of the captain she had bested. Clear surprise on his face as she looked at the disarmed man. Then the silence was broken by a her face breaking into a wide smile and female cheer of success. Turning from hardened ready to kill warrior to little girl in a slip second.

The fall out from this however was not as pleasant. While her father was beyond proud of her, she had publicly humiliated. She was allowed to join, and gained the name ‘the Sand Viper’. Though after a two year it was obvious that she would never rise above her low rank, finally deciding to leave and seek her own way in the world.

Alisaga Silverkins

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